GB/T 39600-2021: New National Standard that Legalize E0 Plywood in China

China releases new standard GB/T 39600-2021 which is for formaldehyde emission of plywood and other wood panels.

On 9th March 2021, China Standardization Administration published the new standard for formaldehyde emission grading of plywood and other wood-based panels. The standard code is GB/T 39600-2021 (GB/T39600-2021). Also standard GB/T 39598—2021.

GB/T 39600-2021 will officially take effect on 1st October 2021. It is an upgrade of GB18580-2017.

Check the original release here.

GB/T 39600-2021 ruled the requirement, test method and classification rules for grading plywood and other wood panels. The formaldehyde emission level are graded into three levels:

  • ENF Grade (≤0.025mg/m³)
  • E0 Grade (≤0.050mg/m³)
  • E1 Grade (≤0.124mg/m³)

E0 Becomes Official

This is the first time that China recognizes E0 grade plywood.

Before the new standard released, E0 was criticized as pure marketing manipulation by some companies. As there was no E0 standard for formaldehyde emission in the Chinese industry. Only available standard in China was E2 and E1.

E0 Plywood China
E0 Plywood

Now E2 are elimated and E0 are introduced in GB/T 39600-2021. This can literally change the timber market deeply. Plywood manufacturers will have to adapt to the market and improve their glue used for plywood production.

Compare GB/T 39600-2021 with Foreign Standards

E0≤0.050mg/m³Europe E0 ≤0.1mg/m³
ENF≤0.025mg/m³USA CARB-NAF 0.04-0.06ppm (0.0536mg/m³-0.08mg/m³)

Where the standard applies to?

Products including Plywood, MDF, Particle Board (Chipboard), Blockboard, Recon Wood, LVL, Jointed Board, Melamin Board, Wood Flooring, Wall Decor Board, Wooden Doors.

The new standard is only effective in China after October 1st, 2021.

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