ordinary plywood

Ordinary Plywood

Interior Grade Plywood, Normal Ply

marine plywood

Marine Plywood

Furniture Plywood, WBP Plywood

phenolic film faced plywood

Phenolic Plywood

Phenolic film faced plywood for formwork

laminated plywood

Laminated Plywood

Laminated with melamine, veneers and HPL.

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As a plywood supplier from China, there is a lot of plywood we can make and we can categorize them into many types. According to bonding strength, we have non-structural and structural grade plywood. If we look into the core materials, we have poplar plywood or hardwood plywood. When we look into the use of plywood, you can get furniture plywood, formwork ply and packaging plywood, etc.

plywood phenolic film faced

Phenolic Film Faced Plywood

12mm 15mm 18mm black/brown phenolic film faced marine ply for formwork use. This PSF formply is a structural panel.

hardwood plywood

Hardwood Plywood

2-18mm poplar core plywood with tropical hardwood veneers such as Bintangor, Okoume, Sapele. Could be marine grade with WBP glue.

furniture plywood

Furniture Plywood

2-18mm plywood with decorative hardwood faces such as sapele, red oak, pine, black walnut, etc. Furniture plywood are usally non-structural.

jumbo size plywood sheet

Jumbo Plywood Sheet

We produce big size plywood as large as 1830*3660mm. Could be veneer faced or phenolic film faced.