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OSB Board

OSB/2 OSB/3 Grade Oriented Strand Board For Interior and Exterior Uses

OSB Board

OSB board is an engineered wood panel that a composition of particle board and plywood. Being a plywood manufacturer ourselves, we are also an OSB supplier from China.

OSB is short for oriented strand board because it is a panel of glued wood strands. Unlike OSB, particleboard is glued chips and plywood is glued veneers. Thanks to this unique structure, the OSB board is cheaper than plywood and is stronger than particleboard.

This makes it a good material in the construction. It is a balance of plywood and chipboard.

Our OSB boards are not certified to any North American standards yet.

May 2021 Important Notice
Ready Stock Pine OSB 9,000 Cubic Meters

Delivery Time: 15 Days. (Delivered to Qingdao port in China)

osb board


OSB GradeWood MaterialSizeUse
MDI Glue
Interior, Furniture
MDI Glue
Exteior, Construction, Load Bearing


OSB board is widely used in the wooden house construction. It plays a role in the house roofing, flooring underlay, wall sheathing, wall bracing.

Besides the construction business, oriented strand board is also good material for making furnture and wooden boxes. OSB boxes are fumigation free material.

OSB board are cheaper than plywood. It is more resistant to twist and warping.

People can find oriented strand board used for many places in building and manufacturing such as:

  • Wall, Roofing, Flooring Underlay
  • Furniture
  • Design and Decor Panel
  • Product Packaging Boxes

Deep Processed OSB Products

Tongue and Groove OSB
Tongue and Groove OSB Board

T&G OSB board is designed for closer fit between each board. It is ideal for subfloor and roofing panels.

I-Joist Timber Beam made with LVL and OSB
I-Joist Timber Beam

We join LVL timber with OSB panel to make the I-joist timber beam for wooden house building.


How long is your delivery time of OSB orders?

30-45 days we deliver your order to the ship.

Do you have OSB stock?

Please must contact our sales to check the availabitity of OSB board.

Is your OSB board certified to North America standards?

No. Please contact us if you don’t need any certification.

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