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Plywood Company in China

Plywood and engineered wood products for construction, furniture manufacturing, industrial packaging, and general uses.


Plywood Manufacturing Company

Yalong is one of the top leading plywood exporting suppliers in China. As a plywood manufacturer established in 2012, the company has been exporting to timber and plywood wholesalers all over the world.

Hot sale products:

  • Phenolic Film Faced Plywood: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm.
  • Veneer Faced Plywood: 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm.
  • Melamine Faced Plywood: 16mm, 18mm.
  • Timber I-Joist

Integrity + Performance = Customer Satisfaction

Our company produces and exports plywood with higher-than-industry standards. We are proud to say that we haven’t had a major quality complaint in the past year. Yalong’s wood panel product ranges from economic plywood to premium plywood for high-performance requirements.

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Featured Products

18mm Formwork Plywood


osb i joist

Pine Faced Plywood

Bintangor Faced Plywood

Melamine Board

melamine board


osb board

Quality Accreditations

carb p2 plywood

Formply Expert

We are a professional manufacturer of phenolic film faced plywood for concrete formwork uses. Our phenolic film faced plywood are designed for economic concrete forming.

Thickness of the boards are 12mm, 15mm and 18mm. And they are sold under the brand name YALONGFORM.

YalongForm includes three quality grades based on plywood core: finger joint core, poplar core and eucalyptus core. They can be used in various projects depending on the plywood reuse times and budgets.

fsc certified plywood

FSC 100% Plywood

Yalong Wood is proud to supply all customers with sustainable wood panels made from legal forests and resources. Our FSC scheme includes logs, veneers, plywood, and laminated veneer lumber. Read More >>>

Plywood For Many Uses

Our plywood is used in many industries including construction, furniture manufacturing, packaging, and industrial uses. Yalong has been dedicated to the production of formwork plywood, commercial plywood and furniture plywood, etc. We are able to supply customers with FSC certified plywood, CARB P2 formaldehyde plywood, WBP plywood, and many other specialty plywoods.

furniture plywood
packaging plywood


Formwork Concrete Shuttering, roofing, sheathing, bracing and subfloor.


Cabinets, wardrobes, engineered flooring, door skin, sofa and office furnitures.


Custom Manufacturing, yatch, truck, containers and cargo packaing.

Plywood Is Our Business

In an ever more responsible world, it is our duty to think of consumers in a sustainable way. YALONGPLY™ plywood panels give builders and designers the possibility of setting up exemplary projects, creating spaces for living, working, leisure, culture and welcome that is both healthier and environment-friendly.

Ever-growing adoption in the construction & flooring applications owing to its ability to offer mechanical strength while lowering the weight of the structure is helping plywood to gain more market in the coming years. Furthermore, owing to its resistance against water, weather fluctuations, and better insulation, plywood wood finds applications that require resistance to harsh physical conditions.

Customer service and satisfaction is our priority. Our motivated and focused team, with a combined experience of over 50 years in the timber and wood panel industry, is there to service your needs. We care about our customers and that’s why they keep coming back for plywood.

Our experience and our commitments have enabled us to develop wide plywood ranges that are capable of having an influence on the quality of life in interior and exterior spaces.

What is the formaldehyde emission grade of your product?

All our products can meet the E1 formaldehyde emission standard as required by the new Chinese wood panel standard.

What is the wood material you use to manufacture the plywood?

We use poplar, eucalyptus, radiata pine, birch and other tropical hardwood to make the ply.

Do you make waterproof plywood?

Yes, we do. Our product range WBP plywood is featured with waterproof glue and can be for exterior purposes. It is water proof and can last in the weather.

What is the main products that you sell?

Film faced plywood and hardwood faced plywood is our most popular product.

How long can you produce my order?

Usually, 20 days after you place an order with us. Shipments to your country will take another 15 – 40 days depending on where you are in the world.

film faced plywood china

“We are very pleased with the quality of phenolic film faced plywood supplied to us with YALONGFORM brand. For anyone who is interested in buying plywood from China, I highly recommend Yalong to him.”


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