yalongform film faced plywood

Film Faced Plywood

Black or brown film faced plywood for concrete shuttering. Also called marine plywood or phenolic board. Made with WBP glue.

YALONGFORM™ Film Faced Plywood

Trade Names: Marine Plywood, Marineplex, Marine Board, Formply, Tego Plywood, Phenolic Board.

Film faced plywood is waterproof marine plywood manufactured for concrete shuttering and forming.

It is suitable for multiple uses, cheap, easy to clean and cut, thus intensively used by the formwork companies.

YALONGFORM is manufactured with quality veneers with WBP glue that can withstand harsh weather and rain. We have non-structural and structural options.

Both sides of the plywood are coated with an opaque phenolic film overlay and the four edges are sealed with waterproof paint. The film can be custom printed.

The most popular specifications are 1220x2440x18mm with black or brown color film overlay on both sides.

National or global standards: GB/T 17656-2018PS 1-09AS 6669, EN-13986

film faced plywood dynea


Reuse: 2-3 times⭐⭐


Core: Finger Joint/Blockboard

Glue: WBP Melamine

Thickness: 12/15/18mm

poplar core ff plywood

Reuse: 6-10 times⭐⭐⭐⭐


Core: Poplar

Glue: WBP Melamine

Thickness: 8/10/12/15/18mm

eucalyptus core plywood

Reuse: 10-15 times⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Core: Eucalyptus

Glue: WBP Melamine/Phenolic

Thickness: 12/15/18mm

The plywood core is the most important element for film-faced plywood quality. The core provides most strength of the board. It is important to choose the right core for your marine plywood demand.

YALONGFORM features three core types: finger joint core, poplar core and eucalyptus core. Poplar veneers are sourced in Northern China. Eucalyptus veneers are sourced from Southern China.

All these materials are sourced legally from local suppliers in China. We can provide Chain of Custody FSC certification for our film faced plywood. Read more about core types.

Film Types

Our marine plywood is laminated with Yalongform film or custom printed film.

The film is opaque. It is literally kraft impregnated with melamine glue or phenolic glue. Usually generic brands or dynea brand.

Square or hexagon patterned anti-slip film are available with the help of special pattern hot pressing plates.

Film color can be black color, brown color, red color or green color. MDO and HDO are also available.

black film marine plywood
Black Film
brown film marine plywood
Brown Film
red film marine plywood
Red Film
dynea film
Dynea Film
waterproof edge sealing

Waterproof Edge Seal

We must seal the formwork plywood edges with waterproof material since it will be stored and used outdoors.

The panels will be in direct contact with concrete so they must be waterproof. Rain and concrete will invade the glue line of plywood unless the plywood is properly sealed on the edges.

Before the edges are painted, our workers fill the edges with putties and phenolic glue, after which the waterproof paint is applied to the putties to make sure the edges are perfectly sealed.

When plywood is cut at the job site, make sure the fresh plywood edges are sealed before use.

Glue Types

Glue used for plywood are UF, Melamine UF, Phenolic UF. Melamine UF is the most used glue for formwork plywood due to its resistance to moisture and low cost compared with phenolic glue.

Read more about glue types.

WBP Melamine

Melamine fortified urea-formaldehyde glue is a very strong adhesive with enhanced waterproof capability. Film faced plywood manufactured with melamine glue can withstand 10-24 hours of water boiling without delamination. It’s an economic WBP glue compared with phenolic glue. WBP melamine is also called B-bond.

WBP Phenolic

Phenolic is the best glue for formwork plywood. It is a permanent WBP bond that can bond adjacent veneers permanently without delamination. Phenolic is also called A-bond for its great performance. It can withstand a 48-72 hours boil test.

Good Formply Features

  • Easy to cut, fix and clean
  • Waterproof seal on all edges
  • Weather and boil-resistant
  • Termites Resistant
  • High-quality concrete cast finishes
  • High durability – Multiple Re-uses
  • Lightweight – easy to handle on-site
  • Good chemical (alkali) resistance
F17 formply formwork plywood


Wall Formwork

wall formwork

Slab Formwork

slab formwork

Truck Flooring

hexagrip truck flooring

Anti-slip Stage

anti-slip stage plywood



Is phenolic overlaid plywood waterproof?

The phenolic film overlay is super smooth and waterproof. The four edges of the panel sheet is also sealed in order to obtain a waterproof capability. The glue inside the plywood is WBP weather and boiling proof bond. It is not 100% waterproof but the treatment can prevent the plywood to swell under humid.

What is phenolic film faced plywood used for?

Due to its durability film faced plywood is widely used in concrete forming and vehicle flooring, loading platforms, truck and trailer floors and wagons.

Is phenolic film faced plywood structural?

Phenolic bonded plywood is used for load-bearing but it is not necessarily structural. Non-structural plywood can also be used in the formwork. If you need specially structural plywood please indicate to our sales team.

Why finger joint core film faced plywood is so cheap? Where should I use it?

Finger joint core plywood is made from recycled plywood. It is not as strong as the full core poplar but much cheaper in price. It can be used 2-4 times. It is ideal for corners, walls and low budget projects.

What type of anti slip film face do you have?

We have wire mesh, square and hexagon patterns.

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