melamine ply

Melamine Faced Plywood

Melamine impregnated paper laminated on a hardwood plywood core, mdf core and particle board core. Great material for bespoke furniture.

Melamine Faced Plywood

Common Types: Melamine faced plywood, mdf, particle board and blockboard.

Melamine board is multi-layer plywood coated with melamine impregnated paper on one side or both sides of the board.

The decor paper comes with many designs including white, black, wood grain, stone grain, solid colors, synchronized grain texture, and a lot more.

We have many paper suppliers and our melamine color range can meet the requirements of most furniture factories.

The melamine plywood core could be replaced with particle board, MDF and blockboard to make melamine faced MDF or particleboard. Many grades of MDF and Chipboard are available on the market. We can offer CARB P2 grade chipboard, MDF and plywood core.

The melamine faced plywood is becoming a modern furniture material. It has a lower formaldehyde emission level compared with the melamine chipboard and MDF board. It is widely used in bespoke furniture at home and commercial places.

melamine faced plywood


Panel Size1220x2440mm
Thickness16mm, 18mm
Face TypeSmooth, Matte, Embossed, Synchronized Texture, Glossy, High Glossy
Core TypeHardwood Plywood, Combi Plywood, MDF, Particleboard
Glue TypeUrea Formaldehyde
FormaldehydeE0, E1
UsesCabinets, Wardrobes, Vanity, Wall Decor, Office Furniture

Melamine Plywood Core Types

Hardwood Veneer Core

Hardwood veneer core is the best core material. Composed of highest grade eucalyptus or poplar veneers.

MDF Core

Medium density fibreboard is a dense wood panel with a density of 680 kgs/m3.

Particle Board Core

Particle board is a cheaper wood panel made from wood chips and dust.

melamine faced blockboard

Blockboard Core

Side glued pine wood blocks are blockboard, which is used to make melamine board for cabinets.

Synchronized Melamine Board

The melamine board is laminated with a hot press in the last step. If there is grain on the hot press board, then it can press marks on the plywood surface. When the pressmark synchronize with the wood grain on paper, we call this plywood a Synchronized Melamine Board.

Melamine Board Uses

Melamine boards are used for furniture manufacturing. Especially the office furniture, wardrobes, cabinets, and vanities. The furniture factory requires a high-quality veneer core. Chinese manufacturers usually use plywood, MDF, or chipboard for laminating this type of panels.


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High quality melamine faced plywood made with a hardwood core. Customized faces includes white, solid color, marble color and wood grain colors.
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