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Company introduction, values, visions, responsibility and quality control.

Yalong Wood is one of the top leading plywood exporting suppliers in China. As a plywood manufacturer established in 2012, the company started exporting to timber and plywood wholesalers all over the world.

Trustworthiness and customer satisfaction formed the edge upon which the company grew.

Today with many production lines and warehouses, Yalong Wood is reputable for its credibility and commitment to offer premium quality of plywood panels. We do OEM orders for plywood wholesalers, supply to furniture factories worldwide, and have our own plywood brands.

We are involved in the development and research of industrial panels such as film faced plywood and marine plywood. Our engineers have the know-how of producing super-strong wood panels. If you are looking for making your formwork marine plywood in China, please contact us for production cooperation.

Vision, Mission & Values

A successful company creates value by providing products or services customers value more highly than their alternatives.

We set out to build products that give our customers value and their customers’ value.  We are looking to bring our customers solutions to issues that they have with quality consistency in plywood.

Our company aim to be a respected plywood supplier and wood panel solution provider in the global market.

poplar forest for veneers


Our company has a very unique source that is available to us, they are Chinese poplar plantation trees that have a very short growth cycle. We can produce incredibly stable and balanced poplar plywood with benchmark performance while protecting our ancient tropical forests.

We are proud to offer customers FSC certified plywood. FSC is a chain to control the

Quality Control

Many businesses imported plywood from China and have encountered problems. Our plywood quality is above average levels in China thanks to our dedication to this business. We are fully aware of the possible defections and have those problems prevented.

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