melamine faced mdf


2-25mm Plain MDF, Melamine Faced MDF Board, UV MDF, Slotted MDF.

MDF is an engineered wood panel made from very fine wood chips and dust. It is great for engraving and lamination. Medium Density Fibreboard is widely used for flooring production, door face, furniture, and slotted board.

Yalong Wood Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of deep processed MDF boards (considered a type of plywood) including:

  • Melamine Faced MDF
  • Veneer Faced MDF
  • UV MDF
  • Tonge and Groove MDF
  • Slotted MDF Wall Panel


Thickness2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm
LaminationSingle Face or Both Faces
Laminate TypeMelamine Paper, Natural Veneer, Recon Veneer
FormaldehydeE2, E1, E0, CARB P2
Special TreatmentFire Rated MDF, Moisture Retardant MDF, High-Density Fibreboard.

Top Raw MDF Manufacturers in China

Our MDF plywood products are made from the best quality plain mdf board manufactured in China.

Dare Global



Dare is the largest MDF producer in China. It produce E0 and E1 grade MDF board for flooring and decoration industry.

Most of its plain MDF is used for the production of laminate flooring of Dare Power Dekor Home.

ATP Group



ATP is one of the earliest MDF producer in China. It was founded in 1993. Now ATP owns its own MDF factory, paper factory and laminate flooring factory.


Fenglin MDF


Founded in 2000, Fenglin Group is one of the earliest MDF board manufacturers in China and the first in Guangxi Province.

Fenglin is the first forest product comany listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. So far its performance has been one of the best among similar companies listed in SSE.


What is the difference between MDF and Particle Board?

MDF is made with much finer chips than the particle board.

Is MDF a plywood?

Laminated or melamine faced MDF board is considered a three layer plywood.

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