Russian plywood industry Impacted by Sanctions

Russia is an important plywood producer in the world, ranking fifth in the world in terms of plywood production, after China, India, USA, and Indonesia.

In terms of premium plywood, Russia is the most important exporter. Russian birch plywood is widely used in the furniture and automotive industries and are very competitive in the market. Russian wood products are exported to Europe, North America, China and Japan.

Russian Plywood Manufacturers


Sveza plywood has earned trust in 80 countries. They are used in construction of skyscrapers, Olympic facilities, production of cargo trailers and high speed trains, manufacture of eco-furniture and stylish interiors.

UPM Plywood

Wisaform from UPM plywood is currently the best film faced plywood for concrete forming and shuttering.

Main Use of Russian Plywood

Construction: Film faced birch plywood is one of the best material for concrete forming.

Vehicle Flooring: Birch plywood with phenolic glue is often used for manufacturing of bus flooring, trailer, container wall liner.

Parquet Flooring:  Plywood used in three- and two-layer parquets.

Furniture: Ordinary birch plywood is widely used for furniture production in Europe and North America.

How Russian Plywood are impacted?

According to FURNITURETODAY, Russia bans export of wood and forest products to the West. The export will be suspended until the end of 2022.

Russian Plywood Ranking

Russia is also the world’s largest exporter of softwood lumber, which is primarily used in home building. Those lumber are exported to North America, China, Japan and Europe.

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