Difference between LVL, LVB and Normal Plywood

Structure difference between LVB, LVL and LVD normal plywood.

China is the main exporter of furniture plywood. The furniture plywood has different structures depending on the design during the manufacturing process. In general, Chinese plywood factories export LVL plywood, LVB plywood, and LVD plywood(normal plywood) for furniture uses.

The same glue is used for these three types of plywood. Veneers used are similar. LVB plywood core veneer is a little better than LVL and Normal Plywood.

LVL Plywood

LVL Plywood Structure

LVL is short for laminated veneer lumber. All of its veneers are in the same direction.

LVL is a great substitute for solid lumber. Its sizes are more accurate than the timbers. Quality is more stable.

LVL is used for door frames, stiles, scaffolding panel, and packaging timbers and so on.

LVB Plywood

LVB Plywood Structure

LVB is short for laminated veneer board. As you can see from the above picture, LVB is more like a combination of LVL and Normal Plywood.

Any core structure that is not LVL nor Normal Plywood can be called LVB. The LVB core structures are adjustable according to furniture makers.

bleached poplar LVB plywood
Bleached Poplar LVB Plywood

LVB plywood is mostly used for the production of premium furniture. It only requires high-quality core veneers compared with normal plywood. The most famous LVB plywood are bleached poplar LVB plywood.

Veneers are scarf jointed in LVB plywood for perfect edges.

Minimum thickness for LVB Plywood is 9mm.

Our bleached poplar LVB plywood are CARB P2 compliant and FSC Certified.

LVD Plywood – Normal Plywood

Normal Plywood Structure

The adjacent veneers of normal plywood are perpendicular to each other. This structure makes plywood more stable than solid timber.

It is called LVD plywood by some people.

But due to the structure of veneers, its cutting edge is not as good as the LVB plywood.

This is no different with common plywood on the market.

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