Difference between LVL, LVB and Normal Plywood

Structure difference between LVB, LVL and LVD normal plywood.

China is a main exporter of furniture plywood. The furniture plywood has different structures depending on the design. Basically, chinese plywood factory export LVL plywood, LVB plywood and LVD plywood(normal plywood).

LVL Plywood

LVL Plywood Structure

LVL is short for laminated veneer lumber. All of its veneers are in the same directions.

LVL is great substitute for solid lumber. Its sizes are more accurate. Quality are more stable.

LVB Plywood

LVB Plywood Structure

LVB is short for laminated veneer board. As you can see from above picture, LVB is more like a combination of LVL and Normal Plywood.

Any core structure that is not LVL or Normal Plywood can be called LVB. The LVB core structures are adjustable according to furniture makers.

LVB plywood is mostly used for the production of furniture.

Normal Plywood

Normal Plywood Structure

The adjacent veneers of normal plywood are perpendicular to each other.

This structure makes plywood more stable than timber or solid wood.

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