laminated veneer lumber

Laminated Veneer Lumber

LVL Door Core, LVL For construction.

lvl door core

LVL is a wood based panel made with thick sliced veneers glued together.

Unlike the manufacture of plywood, in LVL(laminated veneer lumber) adjacent veneers are placed in the same directions. Same as plywood, in LVB(laminated veneer board) adjacent veneers are placed at right angles.

LVL lumber can be used in solid wood door core, door frame, door rail and stiles, furniture, packaging, and formwork beams.

LVL Specifications

LVL SpecificationsValue
SizeAny size within 1240×2500
ThicknessAny thickness below 65mm
MaterialPoplar, Pine, Hardwood
Formaldehyde EmissionE2, E1
MOQ40 Cubic Meters

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