White Plywood

There is an increase in the consumption of white faced plywood in the packaging industry. Because the white faced plywood looks attractive and clean. These advantages make it good for packaging or making crafts and toys.

Our company is a manufacturer of plywood in China. We offer high quality white plywood for packaging and other uses.

In terms of production, there are different materials to make the plywood white.

1. White Natural Veneer Plywood

We can put white color veneers on the surface of the plywood. The veneer species can be poplar or birch. And we can bleach the veneers to make them whiter and cleaner.

The bleached veneer doesn’t have obvious knots because the bleaching process can hide minor defects by discoloring them.

2. White EV Plywood

The engineered veneer (EV veneer) is a human-manufactured veneer from poplar wood.

It naturally comes white from the factory.

white ev plywood

The white EV face plywood is good for packaging, furniture and other uses.

3. White Melamine Plywood

The white melamine plywood is a plywood with melamine glue impregnated paper. The paper has many designs including white.

The white can be titanium white or warm white.

titanium white plywood
Titanium White Plywood
warm white plywood
Warm White Plywood

There is a common misunderstanding about titanium white and warm white. These two papers are widely used in melamine plywood and melamine MDF production in China.

The titanium white has more cold and warm white has more warm.

4. Other white surfaces

Other white surfaces can be white paint and stain, white HPL, white PET film, white phenolic film, HDO, MDO.

Feel free to contact us for the purchase of white plywood. We are ready to provide solutions for your packaging needs.

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