WBP Plywood

What is WBP Plywood?

WBP plywood is a high grade veneer plywood made with waterproof glue. It is different with marine plywood in terms of the core voids requirements.

In the plywood industry, the term WBP stands for Weather and Boil Proof rather than Water Boil Proof. This is a very common mistake made by even professionals.

Water boiling proof is easy to be. Many standard price glued plywood can easily pass 4 hours water boiling or 24 hours if the board is pressed well.

Weather proof is more difficult because it requires the plywood to get wet and dry intervally in order to simulate the raining weather.

The most important characteristic of WBP plywood is weatherproof. The WBP plywood can stay in good shape under sunshine and rain at intervals.

Do you know?

WBP is short for Weather and Boil Proof, not short for Water Boil Proof. This means WBP Plywood can not only pass the hot water boiling test, but also can get wet and dry, wet and dry, without delamination. It can withstand very harsh and extreme weather. That is why WBP plywood are mostly used by industrial users.

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WBP Plywood Made With Phenolic/Melamine Glue

Plywood is constructed of three or more thin sheets of wood (called veneers) glued together, with each layer laid with the grain running at right angles to the next layer. Each sheet of plywood consists of an odd number of veneer sheets. The cross-hatching of the wood grain makes plywood stronger than boards and less susceptible to warping.

The WBP plywood is one of the most durable plywood. Its glue can be melamine or phenolic resin. To be considered exterior grade or marine grade, plywood must be produced with WBP glue. The best WBP plywood should be made with a phenolic glue.

WBP plywood made with ordinary melamine rather than phenolic resin can maintain lamination in boiling water 4-8 hours. Premium melamine glue can withstand boiling water for 10-20 hours. Premium phenolic glue can withstand boiling water 72 hours. It should be noted that the length of time plywood can withstand boiling water without delaminating also depends on the plywood veneer quality.

When you want to buy WBP plywood from China, make sure that you know what type of glue is used in the manufacturing process. Phenolic glue is much more expensive than melamine glue. Strengths are quite different too.

See more at our article about glue types.

WBP Are Designed For Exterior Uses

Most sources refer to WBP as Water Boil Proof, but this is somewhat incorrect. WBP is actually a standard that was developed in Great Britain and is set down in British Standards Institution standard 1203:1963, which identifies four categories of plywood glue based on durability.

WBP is the most durable glue you can find. In descending order of durability, the other glue classes are Boil-Resistant (BR); moisture-resistant(MR); and interior(INT).

According to the FAO of the United Nations, properly formulated WBP plywood is the only plywood recommended for exterior use.

WBP plywood is designed for outdoor uses such as house building, shelters & covers, roof, container flooring, concrete shuttering, etc.

WBP Plywood vs Marine Plywood

waterproof plywood

The two items are almost the same except that marine plywood is guaranteed void-free and WBP plywood core can be lower grade.

WBP plywood just needs to have good enough bonding for extreme weather.

Typically, the veneer core of the WBP plywood is not as good as those of marine ply. Our plywood factory in China can supply both grades.

ItemGlueCore VeneerFace Veneer
Marine PlywoodPhenolic or MelamineVoids Free, High Grade OnlyThick & High Grade Veneer
WBP PlywoodPhenolic or MelamineVoids Allowed, Low Grade Veneer AllowedStandard Veneers

Marine plywood is totally premium plywood compared with WBP plywood.

What is Waterproof Plywood?

There is no water-proof plywood even though people use this term quite often.

‘Water-proof’ usually refers to plywood that has a permanent phenolic adhesive that will not deteriorate under wet conditions. This will not make the plywood ‘water-proof’ as moisture will still pass through the edge and surface of wood panels.

Where Can I buy WBP Plywood?

Check your local hardware stores or plywood distributors about this product. Make sure the glue is phenolic or at least melamine.

If you need bulk quantity WBP plywood you can contact our sales team for a quote.


What glue are used by WBP Plywood?

Phenolic or melamine glue are used in the manufacturing of WBP plywood.

What is the difference between Marine Plywood and WBP Plywood?

Marine plywood’s core needs to be void-free. While WBP plywood doesn’t have this requirement.

Is WBP Plywood structural?

Not necessarily. But a structural plywood is WBP grade.

Where WBP plywood are used?

WBP plywood are used outdoor or places with humid conditions. It is mostly consumed by industrial users.

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