tongue and groov roof decking plywood

Tongue and Groove Plywood

T&G Plywood or OSB for subfloor and roof sheathing. Tongue and grooved plywood with tight fitting.

Tongue and Groove Plywood is a strong and stable wood panel suitable for structural and non-structural applications. It is widely used for flooring subfloor, decking, and roof sheathing.

In our factory, each sheet are manufactured with machine grooved edges to make sure an easy and tight fit for joining adjacent sheets together. This is important to fix the plywood permanently.

The T&G panel edges are similar with those of engineered flooring.

T&G plywood is usually made with a lower grade face to reduce cost. Because the panel is covered under the flooring or under house roofing.


Thickness15mm 18mm
MaterialPlywood, OSB Board, Particle Board
GlueWaterproof Glue
Density520-600 kgs/cbm
Product OriginChina


  • Tongue and Groove on plywood edges
  • Low-cost surface
  • Waterproof glue
  • Long lasting in structure


Roof Sheathing & Decking
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