Teak Plywood

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Burma teak faced plywood with gurjan core. Specially made for Indian market and Gulf market. Fancy plywood with realwood teak veneers laminated on one side or both side of the gurjan plywood. Teak veneered plywood and MDF are used for furniture, doors, flooring and decoration.

A lot of other hardwood species are used. Such as red oak, black walnut veneers. Recon veneer is an option to real wood veneers. Recon teak is available as a cheaper option.

Our company is a burma teak plywood factory and manufacturer in China.

Teak Veneer Types

  • Dark Grain Teak
  • Light Grain Teak
  • Heavy Knots Teak
  • Golden Line Teak

Veneer Matching Methods

  • Quater Cut – QC
  • Crown Cut Mix Match – CC Mix
  • Crown Cut Book Match – CC Book

Teak Plywood Core Types

  • Gurjan
  • Eucalyptus

Other Veneer Options

Natural Veneer

Okoume, Oak, Black Walnut, Burma Teak, Sapele, Birch, Tropical hardwood and American hardwoods.

Melamine Coated Paper

Solid Color, Wood Grain, Stone Color, Customized Colors and printing.

Recon Veneer

Reconstituted veneer created from dyed veneers.


White or wood grain high pressure laminates on raw plywood to creat HPL plywood.


plywood furniture
Plywood Furniture

Hardwood plywood has great strength properties and is perfect for furniture manufacturing. YALONG plywood products meet the E1 and CARB Phase 2 formaldehyde emission grades.

Decorative Panels
Decorative Panels

A panel with an super smooth surface is the perfect choice for veneering and laminating. Our decorative ply are manufactured with thickness tolerances of highest standards.

Upholstered Furniture
Upholstered Furniture

Light weight and flatness are critical properties for upholstered furniture makers. Due to its lightweight poplar plywood is widely used.

Product Specifications

Size1220*2440mm, 915x2135mm, Custom Sizes, Jumbo Sizes
Thickness3mm, 6mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 25mm, 40mm
Core VeneerSoftwood / Hardwood
MDF – Medium Density Fibreboard
Particle Board
FaceNatural Veneers´╝ÜRed Oak, White Oak, Burman Teak, Recon Teak, Ash, Black Walnut, Cherry, Wenge, Beech, Maple, Ebony, Sapele sapelle. Can be UV treated.
Melamine Papers
High Pressure Laminates
Veneer SliceRotary Cut, Flat Sliced, Quarter Sliced, Rift Cut, Half-Round Sliced
Veneer MatchMix Match, Book Match, Slip Match
AdhesiveE0, E1, P2
UsesFurniture, Door face doorskin, Wall Decoration

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