drilled plywood

Specialty Plywood

Round, oval, curved, drilled plywood for special purposes. Cut to size plywood.

Besides the traditional commodity plywood, we supply custom made plywood with different shapes and cuts. If you have a large and stable requirement for a special design plywood board, we could do the manufacturing for you in China. The production can be cut, lamination, drill, veneering, and so on.

Special Shaped Plywood

Special Surface Plywood

  • Melamine Faced Plywood
  • HPL Faced Plywood
  • UV Faced Veneer Plywood
  • High Glossy Plywood

Special Processed Plywood

  • Fire Rated Plywood

Our specialty plywood are not limited to what we show on this page. Since we have the capacitiy of custom made plywood, our factory is able to make the plywood in many sizes including plywood strips, plywood beams and plywood panels.

Are you looking for a special sized or shaped plywood?

Contact our sales engineer for more details.

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