Radiata Pine Plywood

Radiata pine, larch and agathis veneer plywood exporter in China. Non-structural and structural plywood for construction and packaging.

Radiata Pine Plywood

Radiata pine plywood is a softwood plywood laminated with pine veneers on both faces of the plywood sheet. Its core veneers could be softwood or hardwood veneers.

The most common used softwood veneers are connifer species radiata pine, agathis pine, larch pine.

There are differeng grades for the pine faces. The grades can be BB/CC or CDX. The BB/CC grade faces are usually used on the non-structural plywood. C/D grade faces are commonly used for the structural plywood or construction grade plywood.

In terms of plywood strength, structural plywood are much stronger than non-structural plywood because of the pressure and glue used in the production.

Unlike hardwood plywood, radiata pine plywood are mainly used in construction such as walls, roofing, subfloor, and so on.


Size1220*2440mm, 1200*2400mm
Thickness4mm 7mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 17mm 19mm 25mm
CorePoplar, Radiata Pine
GlueWBP Melamine, WBP Phenolic
Stress GradeNon-structural, Structural
UseConstruction, Furniture, DIY, Decoration, Wall Panel, Bracing, etc.

Radiata Pine- Softwood Plywood For Structural and Non-structural Uses

In China, radiata pine is the most commonly known pine species. Radiata pine plywood is the most popular softwood plywood in the Chinese plywood industry.

Softwood plywood can be manufactured with coniferous veneers like Radiata pine, Larch, Agathis, or Mongolica Scotch Pine veneer.

  • Radiata pine plywood is the cheapest pine plywood because China is the largest importer of radiata pine logs from New Zealand and Chile.
  • Larch has been popular for its decorative patterns and Larch plywood usually non-structural. Larch veneers are mainly sourced from Russia.
  • Agathis plywood is a interior grade softwood plywood.

Radiata Pine

radiata pine softwood plywood


larch veneer faced plywood


agathis veneer plywood
Scientific NameCommon NamesDistribution
Pinus radiataRadiata Pine, Monterey pineNew Zealand, Australia, Chile, Spain, United States, United Kingdom
Larix DeciduaEuropean LarchCentral Europe, Siberia, Canada
Pinus sylvestris var. mongolicaScots pine, European black pine, mountain pine, Macedonian pine, Swiss pine, Siberian Pine.Northern Europe, Russia, North China, Ukraine
Araucaria cunninghamiiHoop Pine, Queensland pineAustralia and New Guinea
Pinus glabraSpruce PineSoutheastern United States

Structural and Non-structural Radiata Pine Plywood

Structural (CDX Plywood)

C/D grade pine veneers on both faces also called CDX plywood. Construction uses.

Structural radiata pine plywood features a higher stress grade and WBP melamine glue or WBP phenolic glue. It has less requirement on the face veneer quality so the C or D grade pine veneers are used in the production of structural radiata pine plywood. CDX plywood is a pine structural ply. Because of the WBP glue used, structural plywood is weather and water-boiling proof.


non-structural radiata pine plywood
B/C grade pine veneers for decorative purposes. Furniture and decor uses.

Non-structural radiata plywood is interior plywood that doesn’t have a high stress grade. It is not used for house structure so its strength doesn’t have to be very high. Its face veneers are of higher quality because it might be used for architecture or furniture.

Most radiata pine plywood is non structural for cost issues.

Radiata Pine Plywood Applications


What are the virture of radiata plywood?

Radiata plywood are fast growing and cheaper than the tropical hardwood plywood. So it is both economic and sustainable.

What kind veneers are used for the production softwood plywood?

The softwood plywood use various types of radiata pine, larch, agathis as the face veneers. Core veneers can be hardwood such as Chinese poplar.

What are the thickness of the radiata plywood that you produce?

From 4mm to 25mm.

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