Phenolic Board

Phenolic film faced plywood for concrete shuttering.

Phenolic Board

Phenolic board is a marine plywood that is coated with phenolic film on both sides. It is a plywood designed and manufactured for formwork uses.

The phenolic board is a synonym of film-faced plywood. The difference is that PHENOLIC BOARD is a common term used in the Philippines. The phenolic glue impregnated paper can achieve a better result than the normal paper. It is choice for concrete shuttering projects.

Our company is a major manufacturer and exporter of phenolic board from China. Our factory produces phenolic board with 4ft x 8ft x 1/2″ and 3/4″.

Crocodile logo pheonolic board or customized logo plywood are available for customers to choose from.


Size4ft x 8ft
Thickness3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″
Phenolic Film ColorBlack, Brown, Red
CoreStrip Joint Core, Finger Joint Core, Poplar Core
Edge SealWaterproof Paint Sealing

Since Phenolic board is same with the film faced plywood, you can see more details about the products at

Custom Orders

  • Custom logo on the film (Crocodile logo, marineplex logo, etc.)
  • Custom packaging with your branding
  • Direct shipment to your appointed port anywhere in the world
  • A variety of qualities for different projects



What is phenolic board?

Phenolic board is a marine plywood coated with phenolic film and sealed with waterpoof paint on edges.

What is the difference between phenolic board and film faced plywood?

There is no difference.

Is Phenolic Board marine grade?

Yes the phenolic board are waterproof plywood which is marine grade.

Where is your main market for the phenolic board?

We export our phenolic board to the Philippines, Singapore, and Pacific Islands where waterproof plywood is needed.

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