marine plywood

Marine Plywood

BS 1088 standard marine plywood made with gaboon okoume veneers. Thickened face veneers with phenolic adhesive for enhanced waterproof.

Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood was originally made for the manufacture of marine craft but is increasingly used in building construction, in extreme weather, and in general construction work where durability is required. Whilst it offers no greater strength or stiffness than WBP plywood, the use of durable wood veneers and a Class 3 glue bond means that Marine Plywood offers a higher level of resistance to biological attack and provides greater moisture resistance.

Factory use selected hardwood veneers and thickness face veneers to make the marine plywood. The plywood can be structural and non-structural. It has very low formaldehyde emission and can endure extremely humid weather.

Best marine plywood is made with 100% Okoume veneers and can meet with BS1088 standard. Furniture, building and the maritime industry is the main customer for marine grade plywood.


bs 1088 marine plywood okoume gaboon core

Looking for marine plywood for concrete formwork?

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Note: In Middle East and Africa, the marine plywood often refers to the film faced plywood for concrete shuttering and forming.
phenolic film faced plywood

Marine Plywood Types

Standard Marine

Common plywood manufactured with good veneers and waterproof glue. Marine is compared to ordinary.

Black Marine

Black film faced plywood with painted edges for concrete shuttering.

BS 1088 Marine

Premium marine plywood with phenolic glue and thick face veneers. Used for boat making.


Thickness4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm
Core VeneerPoplar, Pine, Eucalyptus, Birch, Okoume
Face VeneerGaboon Okoume 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 1.2mm
AdhesiveWBP Phenolic, WBP Melamine
Density500-700 KGS/M3
MOQ50 Cubic Meters
StandardEN324:1993, EN314:2006, BS1088:2003, BS1088:2018, AS/NZS 2272:2006

Marine Plywood Core

bs1088 marine plywood with poplar core

Poplar Core BS1088 Marine Plywood

Density 520-550 KGS/M3

bs1088 marine plywood with eucalyptus core

Eucalyptus Core BS1088 Marine Plywood

Density 600-650 KGS/M3

bs1088 marine plywood with okoume core

Okoume Core BS 1088 Marine Plywood

Density 480-520 KGS/M3

BS 1088 Standard

WBP Phenolic Glue

The glue used in marine plywood must be waterproof. It ought to be phenolic A-bond. Otherwise, it won’t be marine. The glue must pass a stringent test that shows it won’t de-laminate under water boiling.

Minimum Core Gaps

Core gaps must be avoided as much as possible. Gaps create a path for water to sneak into the board and ruin the ply. So voids must be absent if plywood is classified as marine grade.

Thick Face Veneer

Both side faces and core veneers must be of high quality as well. This helps the appearance and endurance to extreme conditions.



What is the difference between WBP Plywood and Marine Plywood?

Marine plywood are all WBP plywood. But WBP plywood are not necessarily marine plywood. The core of WBP plywood can be marine grade or just ordinary grade.

When should I use marine plywood?

Marine plywood is highly priced. It can do the most job that requires plywood. That means you can only use marine plywood for your projects when you have enough budget. Cheap priced marine plywood doesn’t exisit.

What type of glue is used in the marine ply?

We use phenolic WBP glue or Melamine WBP glue for the marine plywood production.

Click the following link if you are looking for marine plywood for concrete shuttering.

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