ordinary plywood


Plywood is a wood based panel manufactured from thin veneers which are glued together with adjacent layers having their grain crossed. It is an engineered timber product from the family of wood based panel including MDF, chipboard and blockboard. It is commonly used in furniture manufacture, product packaging and construction. Builders can always buy this from local timber and hardware wholesalers.

Both structural and non-structural plywood are available for different purposes.

Featured Size

1220*2440*18mm 1220*2440*4mm



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Plywood Face Veneers

Coniferous Softwood and Deciduous Hardwood Veneers

Product Specifications

Size1220*2440mm, 1250*2500mm, 915*2135mm and cut-size panels
Thickness2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm
Core VeneerPoplar, Eucalyptus, Combi (Poplar Mixed With Eucalyptus)
Face VeneerConifer Softwood – Radiata Pine, Agathis Pine, Hoop Pine, Aspen
Deciduous Hardwoods – Bintangor, Sapele, Okoume, Pencil Cedar, Birch, Poplar, Maple, Oak
AdhesiveE1 MR or Melamine Exterior Glue, WBP
DensityPoplar Core – 520 kgs/m3
Eucalyptus Core – 600 kgs/m3
MOQ50 Cubic Meters
UsesFurniture, Packaging, Building, Flooring based material, subfloor panel, bracing plywood, roofing ply.


What can ordinary plywood be used for?

Ordinary plywood is veneered plywood except the marine plywood. It can be used in general uses like packaging, decoration, furniture, construction, toys, crafts.

Is ordinary plywood structural or non-structural?

It can be either based on the type of glue used in the manufacturing process. Normally it is non-structural and marine plywood is structural.

What type of face veneer is used?

We used hardwood veneers or coniferous pine veneers to laminate the face.

What type of core veneer is used?

We mainly use poplar for this product.

How long can you produce my order?

Usually 20 Days.

Can you ship your plywood to my country?

Yes we can ship plywood to major ports in the world by containers or break bulk shipment.

Is your plywood calibrated?

Yes. We calibrate the plywood to make sure it is flat and strong.

What is the maximum and minimum thickness of plywood you can produce?

Min 2.0mm to Max 50mm.

What is the largest size plywood you can do?