plywood weight calculation

How much does a plywood sheet weigh?

Calculating plywood weight based on its density and volume. Plywood weight is determined by veneer species, compression ratio, glue type, etc.

Sometimes consumers or builders need to know the weight of plywood for shipments or other reasons. This article will explain to you how to calculate the weight of a plywood board.

The Formula of Calculating Weight

calculating plywood weight
Weight = Density * Volume = Density * (Length*Width*Thickness)

You can find easily that a fixed sized plywood sheet weight depends on the density mainly.

Plywood Density

Plywood density usually ranges from 340KGS to 700 KGS. There are a few elements that can determine the density of the board.

Core Veneer Types

Poplar plywood with urea-formaldehyde glue weighs 520 kgs per cubic meter. It has the same density as pine plywood.

Finger joint core plywood weigh 550 kgs per cubic meter. It is mixed with poplar and hardwood board with a high moisture content.

Eucalyptus plywood weigh 570-600 kgs per cubic meter.

Birch Plywood weigh 650-700 kgs per cubic meter.

Plywood with the lightest weight is made with a Benuang core. Its scientific name is Octomeles sumatrana. This is an Indonesian wood species. It also grows in Papua New Guinea with a local name Erima. This ultra-lightweight plywood density is 340-380 kgs per cubic meter.

Benuang Wood For Lightweight Plywood Manufacture
Benuang Wood Structure

Glue Type & Amount

Glue types is important. WBP Phenolic glue is heavier than normal urea glue. For example, poplar plywood with urea glue density is 520 kgs/m3. Poplar plywood with phenolic glue density is 530 kgs/m3.

Some manufacturers spread more glue on the veneers to increase strength. This practice will also increase the weight of plywood sheets.

Compression Ratio

plywood before compression
Plywood before compression

Compression ration = veneer thickness / plywood thickness.

Structural plywood requires a very higher compression ratio compared with non-structural plywood.

Non-structural eucalyptus plywood density is 580 kgs/m3. Structural eucalyptus plywood density can be as high as 600 kgs/m3.

Moisture Content

Moisture rate in the board can affect the weight by 5-10 kgs/m3. Know more about moisture content at veneer drying.

Plywood Volume

Plywood SizeVolume Per SheetSheets per M3
1220x2440x18mm0.0536 m318.70
1220x2440x15mm0.0447 m322.40
1220x2440x12mm0.0357 m328
1220x2440x9mm0.0268 m337.33
1220x2440x6mm0.0179 m356
1220x2440x4mm0.0119 m384

Quick Reference Table

Common Plywood Weight

Plywood SizeCore Veneer SpeciesWeight per Sheet
1220x2440x18mmPoplar28 kgs
1220x2440x18mmPine28 kgs
1220x2440x18mmBirch37 kgs
1220x2440x18mmFinger Joint29 kgs
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