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phenolic plywood



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Phenolic coated plywood is used for concrete shuttering by formwork companies. It is a WBP marine plywood coated with phenolic film on both sides.

In some cases it is called form ply or formply. Structural grade phenolic board are used in formwork and non-structural grade film faced plywood is used in other cases such as making boxes.

Product Specifications

Thickness 15mm, 18mm
Core VeneerSoftwood – Chinese Poplar
Hardwood – Eucalyptus (Chinese/Vietnam source)
Combi – Poplar Mixed With Eucalyptus
FaceSmooth boths sides, black or brown phenolic film
1 side wire mesh anti-slip, the other side smooth
1 side hex anti-slip, the other side smooth
AdhesiveMelamine Exterior Glue or Phenolic Exterior Glue
UsesConcrete form, formwork, civil construction, anti-skid stage floor, truck floor, trailer floor, DIY jobs.

Phenolic Plywood Use