phenolic film faced plywood

Phenolic Plywood Description

Many names are available such as film faced plywood, phenolic board, formply, formwork plywood, phenolic film faced plywood, black marine plywood, HDO Plyform.

Phenolic board is used formwork industry. Anti-slip film faced plywood are used for truck flooring or stages.

Product Specifications

Size1220*2440mm 1250*2500mm
Thickness15mm, 18mm
Core VeneerSoftwood – Chinese Poplar
Hardwood – Eucalyptus (Chinese/Vietnam source)
Combi – Poplar Mixed With Eucalyptus
FaceSmooth boths sides, black or brown phenolic film
One side wire mesh anti-slip, the other side smooth
One side hex anti-slip, the other side smooth
AdhesiveMelamine Exterior Glue, Phenolic WBP Glue, A-bond
UsesConcrete form, formwork, civil construction, anti-skid stage floor, truck floor, trailer floor, DIY jobs.

What Makes Good Plywood For Formwork?

  • Great strength for load-bearing
  • Waterproof seal on four edges
  • Waterproof bond inside the plywood
  • The sheet must be square, no wrapping, no twisting
  • Panel thickness should be even
  • The film should be smooth and easy to take off from the cured concrete, easy to clean

FAQ – Phenolic Film Faced Plywood

What kind of core does Chinese made film faced plywood has?

Mostly poplar core which is good. Eucalyptus core is used in higher grade panels. Some Chinese plywood manufacturers offer finger joint core please don’t use it because it is weak and dangerous for workers to stand on.

Is phenolic film faced plywood waterproof?

The phenolic plywood surface is a phenolic film overlay which is super smooth and waterproof. The four edges of the panel sheet is also sealed in order to obtain a waterproof capability. The glue inside the plywood is WBP phenolic bond. It has to be waterproof in the concrete forming otherwise it won’t last in the formwork.

What is phenolic film faced plywood used for?

Due to its durability film faced plywood is widely used in concrete forming and vehicle flooring, loading platforms, truck and trailer floors and wagons.

Is phenolic film faced plywood structural?

Yes. It uses phenolic bond to get the loading strength. The form ply is a bear loading panel & it should be structural always.

Why finger joint core film faced plywood is so cheap? Should I use it?

Finger joint core plywood is made from recycled plywood. It is weak and dangerous to use. To reach high-quality job and avoid safety issues your project must not use finger joint core plywood.

How long can I stock the phenolic plywood?

Must store the phenolic board without direct sunshine and rain. In this case, wholesalers can store them for six months without any problem.