Phenolic Glue Plywood

Phenolic glue plywood is a WBP plywood featuring a dark glue line.

Phenolic glue plywood is the best plywood available on the market. There are many glue types for plywood manufacturing, phenolic is the best of them. Phenolic glue plywood is a WBP plywood featuring a dark glue line.

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Why phenolic glue plywood is better

Cured phenolic resins maintain structural integrity and dimensional stability under severe conditions. This makes phenolic glued plywood structural sheets strong enough to perform outdoors and under the rain.

Unlike phenolic glue, the common urea glue doesn’t glue the veneer permanently like phenolic. That’s why urea glue plywood is mostly used for interiors like decoration and furniture.

Where people use phenolic glue plywood

Phenolic glue plywood is used where a strong and waterproofing plywood is needed. The most common situations are:

Concrete forming plywood made with phenolic glue and phenolic film is the top grade plywood for formwork. This type of formply can be used more than 15 times and doesn’t wear out easily.

phenolic glue phenolic film faced plywood
phenolic glue phenolic film faced plywood

Phenolic glue plywood is expensive but considering the reuse times, it is cheaper per use.

Phenolic glue plywood manufacture process

The production process is stricter compared with ordinary glue plywood. Because the phenolic glue dry faster than other glue, the production process are quite different.

Here are the points that manufacturers should follow:

  • The veneer must be dried to a moisture content smaller than 12%.
  • Control the time of veneer storing after the veneer is glued.
  • The hot press machine should be able to make a high pressure.

How to identify phenolic glue plywood

The most common way is to identify visually by checking the glue line of the plywood. Phenolic glue features a dark glue line between the adjacent veneers. While other glues have a transparent glue line.

The dark color comes from the phenol content in the glue.

dark glue line of phenolic glue plywood
Phenolic Glue Line

There are also other ways such as the test the bonding strength and wood failure rate, etc. The glue line is the easiest way.

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