Okoume Faced Plywood For Wooden Door Skin

Okoume is a tropical hardwood grown and harvested in Gabon, Africa. Scientific name is Aucoumea Klaineana.

Its beautiful grain pattern makes it unique and popular. Its grain advantages make Okoume faced plywood perfect for furniture and door production.

The wooden door manufacturers around the world tend to use Okoume faced poplar plywood as door skin for their production.

Want to know more about the wood Okoume? Learn more about okoumeĀ here.

Why Okoume Plywood For Door?

Since the beauty of Okoume veneer grains, Okoume plywood is the 1st choice for many door manufacturers.

Using Okoume faced plywood as door skin has many advantages:

  • Utilize the beauty of okoume at lowest cost.
  • The poplar plywood with okoume face veneer is more stable than solid okoume timber.
  • Its size are custom produced for door manufacturers
  • No need for fumigation

More than that, Okoume is a preferred hardwood in many countriesā€™ traditions. Okoume are often called mahogany. It is a name for luxury hardwood.

Door Skin Okoume Plywood Sizes

  • 920*2150*3.2mm
  • 820*2150*3.2mm
  • 915*2150*2.4mm
  • 915*2150*3.0mm
  • 950*2150*4.6mm
  • 2060*938*3mm
  • 1988*900*3mm
  • Other sizes smaller than 1220*2440mm.

How does Okume plywood look like?

The door skin plywood usually has a cheap backside made with poplar veneer or other veneers with knots.

Our company plays a major role in the door skin plywood production in China. We have a team of engineers that is professional in the design and manufacture of door face plywood.

This type of plywood is thin. Thickness are between 2mm to 4mm.

All our door skin plywood has a poplar core unless eucalyptus core is needed.

The plywood can be laminated with okoume, bintangor, sapele, or other veneer that is required by customers.

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