Non-structural and Structural Plywood Difference

Structural plywood is high strength plywood made with permanent phenolic glue. Lower grade face veneers are used for structural ply to reduce the price.

Plywood has been one of the most widely used building materials in our world. Since the adaption of modern building technology, it is getting a wider market. If you have purchased plywood before, you would have heard of structural plywood and non-structural plywood. But do you know their difference?

Difference Between Non-Structural & Structural Plywood

The key features of the structural plywood are that it uses WBP bond or A-Bond. This kind of bond is a phenolic resin which can glue the adjacent veneers permanently. Hence, the strength of the board is super great. Not only that, but the WBP glue used for structural plywood is also water-proof. That is why we can use structural plywood for outdoor construction.

Non-structural plywood, however, is made with urea-formaldehyde which is an adhesive for interior plywood. The bonding strength is not as good as the phenolic resin used by structural ply.

Structural plywood has lower grade face veneers because it is unseen after the project is finished. While non-structural plywood are mainly used for architectural purpose.

structural plywood china
Structural plywood with lower grade faces

Structural Plywood Applications

As its name reminds, structural plywood is best used for building and construction like beams, hoardings and formwork panels. But this type of plywood can also be used for non-structural purpose like boxes, packaging and furniture.

Some structural plywoods are also used for wall bracing and sheathing. If you want the best plywood board in terms of durability, get the A-Bond type as they can definitely withstand pressure and humid.

If you need plywood that can withstand a lot of moisture, there is a kind of structural plywood called marine plywood. This type of board is so good at taking in water that it can even withstand hours of continuous boiling. Its glues are same WBP bond used in structural plywood. Structural plywood glue can be either A-Bond or B-Bond. The difference between the two is that A-Bond is still much more durable.

Structural Plywood Standards

United States: PS 1–09 is a Voluntary Product Standard for Structural Plywood.

Australia: AS/NZS 2269, AS6669

Buy Structural Plywood From China

Make sure you buy from genuine structural plywood from your chinese supplier. There are some key features you need to check about your products before placing any orders.

  • WBP Phenolic Glue is used between the layers
  • The panel is calibrated and sanded
  • Veneers are dried before used for manufacturing plywood

These are critical factors that determine the quality of structural plywood.

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