Ply: One layer of veneer is one ply. 3-Ply plywood is made with three plies with two glue lines.

Hot Press: The process of glued veneers being pressed under heat in steam powered hot press machine.

Cold Press: Pre-press before hot press.

WBP: Weather and boiling proof. A professional term to describe the characteristic of glue or finished plywood.

MR: Moisture Resistant

BWR: Boling Water Resistant

Recon Veneer: Reconstituted veneer, rotary cut cheap natural veneer dyed, layered, laminated, and laid up with grain to replicates a natural veneer.

Melamine Paper: Decorative kraft paper impregnated with melamine glue.

Phenolic Film: Black or Brown color kraft paper impregnated with phenolic glue.

Finger Joint Core: Plywood core made from finger jointed block board.

Eucalyptus: A hardwood species grown in South China and Vietnam.

Poplar: A fast growing plantation tree grown in Northern China.

Urea-formaldehyde: UF is a nontransparent thermosetting resin or adhesive for plywood production. It is produced from urea and formaldehyde.

Melamine modified UreaFormaldehyde: Melamine in the MUF glue significantly affects resin properties and glue bond quality: gel time decreased, solid content increased, internal bond strength increased, thickness swell and water absorption decreased, and formaldehyde emission decreased as melamine content increased.

LVL: LVL is short for Laminated veneer lumber, which is an engineered wood product that uses many layers of thin wood assembled with adhesives. It is typically used for headers, beams, rimboard, and edge-forming material.

Plyform: Film faced plywood manufactured specifically for concrete-forming on all wall, deck and pillar surfaces.

OSB: Oriented Strand Board

CC Veneer: Crown Cut

QC Veneer: Quater Cut Veneer

Phenolic: Phenolic is a chemcial & it is the main material of the best glue. Phenolic glue is a WBP glue.

CARB P2: Two-phase implementation of California’s Composite Wood Products Regulation.

JAS: Japanese Agricultural Standards

GB: Chinese Guobiao (National Standard)

COO: Certificate of Origin

FSC: Forest Stewardship Council

Dynea: A phenolic film brand of AICA Asia Pacific Holding Pte Ltd

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