Glass Fiber Reinforced Plywood

Using glass fiber as reinforcement for concrete forming plywood. Adding glass fibre between plywood layers can increase MOE and MOR dramatically.

Glass fiber is a popular new material in the building industry. It is also called glass fibre. It is made with fiberglass or fibreglass. Glass fiber is a good reinforcement material in the building material industry. Recent studies showed it can be applied in the production of concrete forming plywood to make the FRP plywood.

There have been many studies on plywood with fiberglass reinforcement. Dr. Mei Changtong published an article on this subject and we are here to share it with the public.

The result shows that phenolic formaldehyde impregnated glass fiber has a great reinforcement effect on the MOR and MOE of the plywood both in
the parallel to grain direction or in the perpendicular direction.

Test Material

  • EW F600 E-glass fiber by Taishan Fiberglass, Thickness 0.2mm
  • Poplar Veneer, Thickness 2.2mm, Moisture Content around 8%
  • Phenolic Formaldehyde Glue (Liquid)

Glass Fiber Plywood Structure Design

Glass Fiber Plywood Structure
Glass Fiber Plywood Structure

Will manufacture the six types of concrete form plywood with different mixture of glass fiber between poplar veneers.

The glass fiber will be impregnated with the phenolic glue for 15 minutes. Clean the glue off and then dry in the air. When the glass fiber is not sticky, store it in plastic bags for future use.

Adding Glass Fiber in Plywood

The production is almost same with plywood production process of normal plywood.

Make sure add the dried glass fiber between the layers according to the structure design.

Produce 3 sheets of plywood for each design.

Test The Glass Fiber Plywood

Test the Mechanical properties of plywood after stored longer than 48 hours.

According to Dr. Mei, the 14mm poplar plywood made with poplar veneer without glass fiber reinforcement (SAMPLE A) can not reach the Chinese National Standard of GB /T 17656—2008 which is for concrete forming plywood. While SAMPLE B, C, D, E, and F clearly surpass the standard requirement.

This means the glass fiber is a great reinforcement to the strength of concrete shuttering plywood.

The bonding strength is higher than 1MPa. It means the phenolic impregnated glass fiber is well bonded with the poplar veneer.


Glass fiber can improve the MOR and MOE of film faced plywood dramatically. Adding only two layers of glass fiber can increase MOR of the plywood by 83% and 68.6% in the parallel and perpendicular direction of the sheet.

MOR and MOE keep rising when more layers of glass fiber are added.

The reinforcement is more obvious on the MOR and MOE.

In practice, if a plywood manufacturer wants to increase the plywood strength without changing veneer materials, it can use this method.

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