dynea film plywood

Dynea Film Faced Plywood

Dynea brand film is the best phenolic film for formwork plywood manufacturing.

In 2020, China’s economy was affected by weak exports and the coronavirus epidemic. Looking back on 2019, China’s plywood market experienced a cold winter, and its export market share and quantity plummeted. The export volume of China’s plywood and similar multilayer boards was 10.08 million cubic meters, a year-on-year decrease of about 10%, and the export value also fell by 18.3% year-on-year.

At the same time, China’s prospects for high-quality plywood are not optimistic. In April 2019, Bauma Building Materials Exhibition was held in Munich, Germany, and there was no phenolic film faced plywood from China at the exhibition. The reason is mainly determined by the cost of raw materials, quality and production process of sheet metal. In such an environment, how do Chinese plywood companies break through?

dynea phenolic coated film for plywood
Phenolic Coated Film Solutions

Dynea Film – Phenolic Coated Film Solutions

In response to this situation, Dynea AICA has helped the Chinese plywood industry to provide high-quality phenolic coated film, which has a complete range of specifications and meets the export markets of Europe and the United States and many other application fields.

1. Dyean Brown Film

Used for formwork plywood in exterior uses. Increase the reuse time of concrete formwork. Good storage stability, 3 months at room temperature

  • Chemical resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
dynea brown film for formwork

2. Dynea Black Film

Used for luxury projects which requires better concrete finish. The black dynea film can cover the defects better on the plywood veneers and make glossy finish. It is similar quality with the brown dynea.

dynea black phenolic film

3. High Grammage Film

High grammage and wear-resistant phenolic coated paper is a kind of high resin content impregnated overlay paper, which is used for high-end engineering formwork plywood. It can double the reuse time of concrete forming ply. Can store 2 months in the warehouse.

high grammage phenolic film

4. MDO – Medium Density Overlay

We can make MDO concrete forming panel with the MDO film from Dynea. It is an economic formwork panel that uses medium density overlay technology. MDO ply can also be used for advertisement board etc. It can be stored for 12 months.

MDO plywood Medium Density Overlay

5. HDO Plywood – High Density Overlay

Both MDO and HDO are plywoods with a resin coated film on both surfaces. The only differences between the two products are that the density of the exterior layer on the HDO is higher than for MDO and it is manufactured with higher resin content. The film can be stored for 6 months.

HDO plywood china

6. Transparent Film

This phenolic coated film is specially designed for container flooring plywood. The film increase the plywood resistance while keeping the wood grains visible. Can keep 3 months in stock.

container flooring with transparent phenolic film
Container Flooring Using Transparent Film Overlay

Many colors phenolic film from Dynea AICA.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Dynea Film and Standard Chinese Film?

Dynea film is phenolic coated and can gain better finish without film crystallization and other defects on the plywood surface.

What type of Dynea film is available for film faced plywood?

Most common is black dynea and brown dynea. Other options are available at request.

Is Dynea film more expensive?

Yes the standard Chinese film is cheaper than Dynea film.

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