Construction Plywood

Construction plywood manufactured for roofing, subfloor underlayment and concrete formwork purposes.

Plywood is the most used wood panel in construction activities. It works as flooring underlay, roofing, walls, doors and concrete forming panels in the construction industry.

Even though a lot of plywood are used in furniture and decoration, the plywood was first designed for construction uses.

Even now, many performance plywood are found in the construction industry. They are mostly structural and some of them are non-structural.

Plywood Used in Construction

Underlayment Plywood Subfloor

Yalong underlayment plywood is a strong, stiff and durable panel for subfloor applications. The panel is stable and workable for uses where superior long-term load-carrying capabilities are needed.

Roofing Plywood

For load bearing roofing substructures, we recommend Yalong Roof, a special pine faced poplar plywood. The panel is an ideal base for fixing roof cladding with little deflection over time.

Concrete Forming Plywood

Yalong Form is a phenolic film coated plywood that is specially designed for concrete forming. It creates good concrete finishes with its smooth and wear resistant film on both sides. Can be used for wall formwork, slab formwork and formwork system.

Choose The Right Plywood For Your Job

Two important quality for plywood:

  • Glue (WBP Glue is preferred for construction)
  • Strength (High Press Ratio Gives Better Strength)

Use a waterproof glue if the plywood will be used in a humid or wet condition. The glue won’t cost much but it will improve plywood quality greatly.

pressure ratio plywood

Strength is decided by wood species, glue type and pressure used in the manufacturing process. High strength plywood are pressed with a bigger pressure through a longer time press.

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